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Dive Into the New Age of Digital Pharmacy Services

Our Solutions


Knostos is the most complete platform for patient onboarding, remote patient monitoring, chronic condition management, data integration and workflow management to help transform your patient journey.   Whether you are looking to make your existing processes more efficient or create new patient services, Knostos is the data and operations hub that you have been looking for.

Kosrx Solutions

Looking to outsource your your part of patient journey cycle but not convinced by the traditional players in the market?  From Access to Post-Dispense Analytics the Kosrx is your provider of choice. 

Kosrx is a sister company of Medido Health and it's solutions are built on the knostos platform. 

Pharmacy Automation Capacity Insight Tool (PACIT)

Do you have multiple Synmed Automated Dispensing Robots?  PACIT allows you to plan your production capacity and update production files even after generation to maximize your automation investments.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are firm believers in interoperability and playing nice with others.   Our solutions bring value by leveraging your existing infrastructure and making your data actionable. 

Connect to any system with an open API as well as systems where no API's are available.  Medido Health's team has extensive experience connecting to data where API's are not available to enable digital workflows.  

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