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Our Purpose

Build the platforms that enable next-generation pharmacy-based healthcare delivery.

Pharmacists are the most underutilized healthcare professional.   As healthcare evolves from the siloed landscape of today to an integrated medical-pharmaceutical delivery network, pharmacists will need tools that allow them to actively participate in the new ecosystem. 

Our Story

We understand providers because we started off as a provider in 2011.   Medido Health is spinoff company of Medplus Solutions, Puerto Rico's most innovative pharmacy and health services company.   In 2017, we started Medido Health with one goal in mind:

To create simple solutions for healthcare providers that radically transform the patient experience.   


From our very first line of code, we never settled for less than a revolutionary experience. 


At Medido Health, it’s all about service, and about making sure that you feel confident with your choice, and know you are getting the best solution in the Industry. We take pride in our work, and treat every client as if they were our only client. We care, and it shows. 


Our team has over 100 years of pharmaceutical industry, consulting, and technology experience.   Let us help you achieve the change you are trying to achieve.

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